Education and Employment

Youth-driven individual transition plans can be created with the goal of helping young people develop a realistic plan for continuing their education, entering the workforce and becoming self-sufficient.

TRAC works with area school districts, the regional Community College Districts, the Texas State University system to assist youth in completing their educational goals. In many cases, higher education may be paid for by tuition vouchers.

TRAC works collaboratively with the Texas Workforce Commission to ensure that youth receive assistance in becoming job ready, including advancing their education, and then obtaining employment. Once employed, TRAC coaches youth to help sretain employment and successfully meet their career advancement goals.

  • Testing and assessment
  • Computer/internet access
  • GED registration
  • Vocational training referrals
  • College applications
  • Scholarship searches
  • Financial aid resources
  • Career guidance counseling
  • Job coaching
  • Job search
  • Transportation